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Compile Chrome in Linux

Compile Chromium:

Of cource you should just install Chromium but for those who want to compile..
60 GB diskspace needed, you will end up with 1 million files!!

In your home directory open terminal and do this:

git clone
echo $PATH
export PATH="$PATH:${HOME}/depot_tools"
echo $PATH

Edit ~/.bashrc file:

nano ~/.bashrc

Add this line and save:

export PATH="$HOME/depot_tools:$PATH"

In terminal:

source ~/.bashrc

Check in new terminal if $PATH is permanent:

echo $PATH

All good? Continue:

cd depot_tools
gclient sync -D
cd ..
mkdir build
cd build
mkdir chromium
cd chromium
fetch --nohooks --no-history chromium
gclient sync
cd src
gn gen out/unix
autoninja -C out/unix chrome -j5

5 hours later you can run Chrome:


Make installer:

cd ~/build/chromium/src/out/unix


add these lines and save file:

is_component_build = false
is_debug = false
symbol_level = 0
enable_nacl = true
enable_linux_installer = true

In src directory:

ninja -C out/unix "chrome/installer/linux:stable_deb" -j5

On error:

gclient runhooks
git rebase-update
gclient sync

And try again:

gn gen out/Default
autoninja -C out/Default chrome
autoninja -C out/Default unit_tests

run Chrome:


Good luck!

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