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Debloat Windows 11 22H2 ISO with NTLite

Download NTLite from

Download newest Windows 11 ISO from … /windows11

Install and start NTLite

Choose free version

Click Add and choose the Windows 11 ISO file

Click new edit

Choose version (eg. pro)

Right click the version and choose load

Click updates and click choose integrate > updates > check updates > enqueue

Debloat Windows 11 in Components -> Windows Apps -> Apps :

Uncheck all

A few examples in Configure -> Settings :

set taskbar alignment to left

set context menu to classic

set darkmode for windows

disable Widgets in taskbar

In the privacy part of Configure -> Settings :

disable "Allow apps access" for all apps

disable "Automatic installation of sponsored apps"

disable "Automatically install suggested apps"

do not occasionally show suggestions in start

disable pre-installed apps

disable pre-installed OEM apps

disable or enable everything else you want


in Automate: Enable unattended (up left) :

add or do not add local account

choose options like:

skip online account setup -> true

input locals etc..

Add software in post setup:

Chrome and VLC for example

always use silent or unattended installs!!

more information here:


Check create ISO and name and label it.


Click Process!

Click OK on pop-ups (free version only)

Finally! Test your newly baked ISO in Virtual Box, Hyper-V, VMWare or where ever..

Automate additional software installs with Chocolatey and WinGetUI.

Good luck!


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